10 ways to turn your bedroom into into your own personal den of desire

To turn a bedroom into your own personal den of desire, you've got to think beyond the standard satin sheets and incense. Besides, those satin sheets are so slippery you can slide right over the side of the bed.

It's time to get creative. Start by fantasising: What excites your sense of smell, touch, taste? What do you like to be able to see, or not see. Consider what turns up the heat in world-renowned love locales and use those places as your inspiration from plush hotel rooms to tropical beaches, from isolated cabins to elegant night clubs. Fill your room with what turns your mood on, then see what follows.

Extra pillows. The more the merrier! Noone wants to sleep in discomfort. Try different textures and fabrics to add colors & shapes to the surroundings.

Banish the television. Ladies, we don't want to remind him that Seinfeld is in syndication.

Adjustable lighting. A bedside lamp with a dimmer switch, or low-watt lighting behind a mysterious screen. Try a lampshade or paper lantern that's decorated to cast lovely shapes and shadows around the room.

Buy the best sheets you can afford. What makes sleeping at a hotel so sexy? Hint: it's not the mint on the pillow. It's the soft, crisp, easy-to-slide-between sheets. The magic words for any temptress worth her tickle-feathers are 'thread count', and you're looking for nothing less than 250.

Music. A successful love nest creates an ambience of passion and suspense, and music is a key part of that effect. The tunes you play in a love nest should be rhythmic, intriguing and a little bit racy. Think Barry White or Middle Eastern doumbek drums. Music that's repetitive or too soft, combined with dim lighting and a cosy-looking bed, can run the risk of soothing the very senses you want to stimulate. So take risks with your music, and don't be afraid to turn up the volume!

Adventures for the eye. A well-chosen, striking, and prominently-placed bit of eye candy can spice up your bedroom faster than a truckload of oysters. Think bold, sexy colours and prints, like one wall painted your favourite dramatic shade, or anything leopard.

Reflect the romance. Mirrors can go a long way toward creating an inviting atmosphere, and no, you needn't hang one on your ceiling. Some flirty alternatives: a lamp in a beautiful colour or a cluster of candles in front of your mirror can enhance romantic lighting, or a strategically-placed selection of small make-up mirrors throughout the room (on the table, near the flowers, on the bedposts) will add a sexy twinkle and some delightful surprises to the evening.

Something billowy. Try to add a little motion to the emotion in your love nest, with a floaty sheer curtain, or just your trusty ficus plant, reborn with a string of lights and swaying in a low breeze. And speaking of breeze, nothing gets sexy fabrics moving like a quiet fan on a low speed in the corner perhaps with a pot of delicious potpourri in front of it, to spread a warm scent.

Organic pleasures. Recreate some tropical abundance in your room with luscious plants and flowers!

Clear the clutter. The following things are not welcome in any true love nest: electric bills, the television (it's worth repeating), pesky pets, laundry baskets, stray socks and inhibitions!

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Dual Finger Scanner Introduced by Cross Match


Cross Match has launched its new marvel – Dual Finger Scanner, called Verifier 320 LC, at the Biometrics 2008 Show in Great Britain on October 21. Claiming it to be the fastest, lightest and smallest dual finger scanner, this product aims at delivering fast, accurate and reliable results for identification, verification and enrollment programs.

As compared to single finger scanner, Verifier 320 LC displays images with enhanced accuracy for identification and verification purposes and also saves time incorporated for the full enrollment. The main highlight of the product includes auto capture and roll capability. This high speed yet small footprint finger scanner is the fastest of its kind in the market and can provide a ten full fingerprint enrollment in seconds. According to Cross Match CEO and President, James Grau, ”This industry leading product will be a huge advantage to customers whether they are searching for identification technology for criminal or applicant purposes.”

In addition to the Verifier, Cross Match will also be demonstrating its new palm scanner released earlier this year, the L SCAN 500. The L SCAN is targeted towards forensic and criminal investigation purposes and is the first of its kind to be certified by the FBI.

for more information on products of cross match
visit:=> http://www.crossmatch.com/

for suppliers of safety & security devices

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Wi Fi- Range of Smoke Alarms - Ultimate in Home Safety


Installation of smoke alarm is an important undertaking in order to alert the danger of fire in homes. The wi- safe range of smoke alarm helps a person wake up when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered anywhere in the house. It has the capability to convert into a torch to aid escape. The loud alarm indicator and high quality ionisation sensor make this life saving device a complete success.

UK's leading force Fire Angel has introduced a unique range wi fi warning handsets to meet specific needs for both visually challenged and hearing impaired, called as new flashing strobe and vibrating pad. They are battery operated smoke alarms and have proven ultimate in early warnings. This sound alarm comes with two flashing strobes and a vibrating pillow pad that connects to the adapted smoke alarm. The vibrating pillow pad is placed under the pillow of the impaired and is designed to vibrate as soon as the smoke detector perceives something.

The wi-safe alarms from Fire Angel incorporate wire free technology with unique code encryption enabling signals from remote alarms to activate the handset. The battery operated smoke alarms are easy to install and initiate quick warnings to check the house for potential fire jeopardy. In case of power failure, the battery back will ensure the alarm to keep working non stop for 6 weeks.

Fire Angel ensures superb product quality backed by technical and manufacturing excellence. Tested under extreme conditions, these wi-safe range of smoke alarms are certified as per the latest European standards.

Now, if you found this article interesting and would like to view the FireAngel home safety products smoke alarms, CO alarms and fire safety
visit => http://www.fireangel.co.uk/

For video product demonstration about the FireAngel Wi-Safe system, describing how it would wake you and your nearest and dearest in the event of fire or carbon monoxide in the home, giving you precious extra minutes to escape.

and if you would like to search for the manufacturers & suppliers of smoke alarms
visit=> http://www.hardwaremarketplace.com/building-hardware/smoke-detectors-alarms.html

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Tips to Give Your Bathroom the Perfect Makeover

Everyone dreams of having the perfect and sophisticated bathroom that everybody cannot stop praising. Though, making it just like that can be a very tedious and difficult job but with proper planning and tips one can achieve the goal of making your bathroom look the best place in your house. Following are a few tips that are sure to give your bathroom – the much fancied pep look.

  • First of all conjure your ideas and pen them down. Make sure that you have a clear idea of what you are going to do, otherwise things can get messy. Choose the right colours and tones. Choosing the perfect bathroom accessories is also important. For this purpose visiting the library and picking up some good book on home tips can be helpful.

  • Budget also plays a very important role in determining the kind of face lift that you want to give your bathroom. This problem can be sorted without much fuss as today the bathroom hardware industry have given the consumers a lot many options at an economical rate.

  • You might plan to change the bathroom hardware such as towel racks, towel bars, bathroom shelf and the bath faucets. In this case take proper measurements and make a rudimentary floor plan. This will help you in purchasing the right size of the bathtub and Jaccuzi (be the case).

  • Wall measurements are important if you are planning to buy a new mirror.

  • Bathroom lighting is an important step in making your bath hardware look great and glossy. Use low incandescent light which will help you relax and allow you to do your make up as well.

  • In the list of important bathroom accessories do not miss buying the bathroom rug of the right colour. It should be soft so that it does not hurt when you stand on it, barefoot.

  • Do not miss installing a handrail next to the toilet seat. This is extremely crucial if there is a senior member in your house.

  • Check many bathroom hardware shops to know the products trend before you actually purchase the bathroom cabinet hardware.

  • The bathroom faucets and bathrooms shower should be easy to handle so that when you recline in the bathtub, the experience is hassle free.

  • Last but not the least do not miss taking the opinion of family and friends. Magazines too are an important source of choosing the right color scheme for the bathroom.

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News from BHMA- Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association Names New Officers for Two Year Term

The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) announces that Paul T. Kosakowski, AHC, President and CEO of DORMA Group North America has been elected to a two-year term as the association's president. In addition, Scott Duncan of IR Security & Safety was named first vice president; Anthony Mudford of Detex Corp. was named second vice president; and Helen Rose of Lorient North America was named third vice president. The association's four elected officers also serve as members of its board of directors.

About BHMA
The BHMA contributes technical expertise on hardware issues to the nation's building code, fire, life safety, and architectural organizations. It is the only U.S. organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain performance standards for builders hardware. BHMA is involved in statistical programs, code participation, trade policy, standards publications and certification programs. BHMA presents a popular Internet Web site that can be used to order and download standards as well as the certified products directory; order BHMA finish plates; link to member sites; and query BHMA technical staff. For more information on BHMA, visit http://www.hardwaremarketplace.com

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Eco-label cleaning products - a breakthrough for the UK's cleaning industry

Clean and green Cleaning products,whether used in a washing machine, a mop bucket or the kitchen sink, all contain cleaning agents that help to strip away grime. After flushed down the drain, many detergents cause undue harm to nature. By contrast, cleaning products with the Eco-label do the same job while causing minimal environmental harm.

Eco Cleaning Products Advantage:
  • guarantee effectiveness — the products are tested by independent laboratories for quality;

  • are labelled with clear guidelines for safe,effective and efficient use; and

  • contain fewer hazardous chemicals.

By following the Eco-label range, you get products that tread gently on the environment throughout their life cycle, from the creation of the chemicals themselves, to their packaging, to their disposal . Simply said, Eco-labelled cleaning products are better by nature.

The Eco-label cleaning supplies range represents a breakthrough for the UK's cleaning industry and will help to address the increasing problem of toxic chemicals entering the ecosystem from the cleaning industry.

The range which boasts several unique products, including a multipurpose detergent, glass cleaner, cleaning chemicals, and handwash/ hand cleaners will appeal to companies, contractors and distributors who are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of cleaning regimes.

The eco-label is recognised throughout Europe as a top-level award scheme for products that provide first class performance with minimal environmental impact.

Detergents and cleaning products that carry the eco-label flower icon achieve high levels of biodegradability and are independently certified to prove they are greener, yet still perform as well as other leading brands.

The hope is “that now there would be more companies within the cleaning industry taking steps to address their notorious environmental impact."

The green ecolabel products are colloid cleaners, based on micelle technology.
Colloid cleaners use electrically charged micelle molecule structures to separate and trap dirt, lifting it from the surface to which it adhered without the ability to redeposit.

The range of products is compliant with both current and future legislation, including the European Biocidal Products Directive which will come into effect under the REACH Directive to ensure that a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment is provided.

To ensure demand for the eco-label range of products is met, the companies should actively seek distribution partners on a national level.

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How to Source for Hardware & DIY Manufacturers & Suppliers

This article is about how to find the right supplier, access the right information in effective time and resources which suits best to your requirement.

Well the first thing that business and professional user do is use consumer search engines such as Google for search related queries. However, they generally find the search results less than satisfying because the search engine produce results that:
  • Are not directly relevant to a user's query

  • Return too many results

  • Force the user to try different search engines

  • Only produce a relevant answer 40% of the time

Now there is a shift of users from generic search engine search to increasingly using B2B trade specific Websites. These trade specific websites are more focused, relevant way to search the Web. It also becomes complete portfolio of resources and tools which helps the search experience all the more user specific.

Now, to source for Hardware & DIY Manufacturers & Suppliers, there are b2b verticals like hardwaremarketplace.com, hardwaresuppliers, globalsources etc....

The best directory on hardware search is Hardwaremarketplace.com. It is a comprehensive directory of top global b2b suppliers for hardware product search. This directory has a easy user interface with a detailed categorization of hardware products based on hardware industry segments. Here you can find millions of products, contact suppliers, access their detailed information and contact them online.Also it provides information like hardware trade news, trade shows, tenders, associations, publications and industry articles..

You can refine your search based on the categories like:
Building/Builders Hardware (also known as construction hardware)
Computer Hardware/Technology Hardware
Mechanical Hardware
Electrical Hardware
Hardware Tools & Supplies

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Innovations are ahead in the battery operated power tools

The introduction of lithium-ion batteries is one of the most meaningful advancement in the battery operated power tool technology. Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly popular these days. As it itself serves many advantages as compared to the current batteries chemistry ie, NiCad and NiMH. The introduction of lithium-ion technology is a significant leap forward in the hardware power tool industry. Today, hardware tool manufacturers and battery manufacturers are working to realize lithium-ion's full potential.

Why Lithium-ion Batteries?
  • Li-ion batteries are 25 percent lighter than the NiCad or NiMH batteries and these batteries have more capacity which translates into longer run time per charge.

  • Lithium-ion battery has a capacity to deliver 3.0ah as compared to 2.4Ah NiCad or NiMH.

  • The lithium-ion has a capacity to deliver more total performance over the life of the battery pack than current batteries.It will deliver at least twice the total lifetime performance as compared to NiCad and NiMH batteries.

  • Lithium-ion batteries can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.

Addition to the Advancements

The growth in the hardware tool market in the next several years will be driven by several factors. With higher capacity batteries and new chemistries available, manufacturers will continue to expand the application of cordless tools and line extension.

Now battery operated tools have been launched to drill concrete, cut metal and a wide variety of other heavy duty tasks — including the simulation of corded tool performance. In addition there are new features added on to current tools. The industry is demanding tools that are not only smaller, compact and lightweight, but also protect end users from occupational health risks such as vibration, sound and dust contamination. Similarly, the users are demanding tools that are much more ergonomic to increase comfort and decrease fatigue without sacrificing performance. The advancement in battery technology has driven the innovation in other hardware tools and parts industry. Many manufacturers put new motors on their lithium-ion tools, and the next generation of battery chargers are designed to handle a wide range of voltages (7.2 to 28 volts) .

A Cordless Future

This market will continue to expand because contractors enjoy the freedom offered by cordless tools. Advancements in technology are enabling power tool manufacturers to create tools that can operate on higher energy platforms and allowing its users to do work faster and in a more efficient manner. We now have higher performance and more user-friendly design. In the future the choices will only increase, which gives the supplier opportunities to reach heights.

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The Latest Construction Product: 300 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners

The trend of stainless steel fasteners is commendable. The mechanical industry is rapidly moving towards wide scale use of 300 series stainless steel fasteners..

Now the architects and building owners demand broader range guarantees and longer warranties from contractors. The industry's application of higher grade stainless fasteners is on the rise. The best part of 300 series stainless steel fasteners is that it provides a supreme layer which protects it from getting corroded and they also maintain their structural integrity in aggressive environments, resisting the intensive corrosion scenarios inherent in residential, non residential, and non building construction that cause other types of fasteners to fail prematurely.

The manufacturers of the mechanical industry have a crucial role to play in helping the construction distributors to win in this environment. To support distributors sales efforts, manufacturers educate the design community about the variety of stainless fastening systems available to meet performance requirements across a range of applications.

The qualification and design of concrete anchors under these new criteria and requirements differ substantially from past practice. The challenging designers and manufacturers develop new products to meet the more stringent standards. Studies have revealed that cracking typically occurs in the tension zone of the concrete element, and these cracks can significantly impact the performance of anchors. The challenge for suppliers is finding fasteners compatibility with the application of these new materials. At times the installation instructions specify a fastener that is either too generic or too specific. Thus, the challenge begins to provide its customer with the proper fastener so they can ensure the product will perform as it was designed to do.

For the fastener & anchors suppliers, this means that the design community is fundamentally changing the way of its value and this gives the opportunity to capitalize on an industry-wide trend that has plenty of momentum.
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Eco Safe “Green” Adhesives

Eco Safe “Green” Adhesives
Green adhesives are the new innovation commonly used now a days and adhesives or glue is the latest product to go green. Green adhesive can be defined as adhesives manufactured from sustainable raw materials or through an environment-friendly process. The green adhesives have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission.

Green is the practice of increasing the efficiency of the product with use of different resources like energy, water and materials. The use of eco friendly resources reduces the impact on human health and the environment. A step towards green has become a way of life across all the business spectra.

Some Advantages Of Greener Adhesives Are

Almost no left over waste material, you use all the adhesive and have no disposal costs -all that's left of the cartridge is a recyclable aluminum disk.

  • Green Adhesives improves the public and occupant health standards.

  • Another popular option is water-based adhesives. High performance water-based glues and adhesives are available and offer many advantages.

Problem Faced In Adhesives

Volatile organic compound (VOC) comes from different sources like raw materials, energy emission and harmful substances. VOC's are the ones which have high vapor pressure and low water solubility. VOC's are known to cause sensory irritation and central nervous system symptoms.

From a decade adhesive products are used for making wood products, such as plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. These adhesives contains cancer causing-chemicals, such as phenol–formaldehyde and urea–formaldehyde resins which is very hazardous for the environment and for health. But in 2006, the new adhesive policy was adopted by industry and replaced more than 47 million pounds of conventional formaldehyde-based adhesives.

Future Trends in Green Adhesives

As per the survey: The future technology advancement in adhesive will prove that both synthetic and natural resources have to deliver comparable performance characteristics. Durability and performance are the important characteristics in the manufacturing of adhesives in the hardware supplies industry.

At times it becomes difficult for the green adhesives to meet the requirements of the customers. Process requirements, specific application, environmental resistance, unique substrates, product economics are some of the challenges faced by the adhesive manufacturers. Customers and adhesive suppliers should work together closely to come up with high performance greener products.

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