Zero Carbon Homes - Another Initiative to Turn Green


In another attempt to go green, the Litchfield Group is all set for the curtain raiser of its new range of sustainable and energy efficient window hardware, doors and structural wall products. This launch happened at Ecobuild in the low carbon building category. Cashing upon the programme objective that is Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, lowering fuel bills and improving the insulation of buildings, the managing director of the firm claims to have heavily invested in the development of products that will be applicable in the zero carbon home requirements even in the year 2016. The company has launched three step solution to counter the growing carbon emission. They include Sheerframe HED window system, made to measure Masterdor Thermal door-sets and ICF Tech structural walls. The Sheerframe HED (Homogenous Energy Dynamics), a new thermal PVC window system that is aimed to deliver U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K.

Litchfield is a UK based company that has installed technology like regional fabricators and installers, 55mm insulated timber engineered Masterdor Thermal door-set and Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) system to make its product a success in the building market and construction industry. All these products manufactured by the company qualify the UK government standards. Some of the main features of this range of zero carbon homes are that they provide excellent sound reduction, are low on maintenance and are secured by design accredited.

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Home Improvement Tips Using Modern Furniture Hardware


While choosing furniture hardware for refurnishing your house, it is more that obvious that a person can get confused. Besides, remodeling a home is an expensive affair as well, especially if you are planning to integrate a new design or style into the interior of the abode. But however, to rescue you from all these spendings there are various ways to cut down on your home improvement expenditures. Though a new piece of furniture frames and headboards will be instrumental in giving your house a new look.

The Initial Step

Designing a well placed furniture plan is essential if you do not want to go wrong anywhere and want to meet your comfort as well as needs. You should also be clear about the style of the furniture that will best suit your room.

Replace Bulky Items And Save Space

This is the foremost step when remodeling your house. Replace bulky ancient furniture with streamlines modern furnishings that acquire less space are are easy to manage. Old furniture use up a lot of space and if your house is small then choose from a wide range multi purpose furniture. For example, use the Ottoman (storage + seat/foot rest) or Sofa bed that can perform the task of both sofa and bed. A modern style is more practical as they tend to be smaller and clean cut edges which do not hang out much and thus cuts down on the space they take up. Go for a bed that has storage compartments and brackets, so that there is more space for better use of wardrobe and drawer.

Plan Before Purchasing

There is no dearth in the furniture hardware industry for furniture supplies, so do not shop in a haste. If you have made up your mind to replace those big antique furnishings with latest sofa that has exquisite furniture legs, then be prepared to hover a little longer before you actually find the best piece. Keep in mind the measurement factor so that the furniture hardware compliments your room. Get a tape measure and start measuring the dimensions of the room so that you will know what size will best fit in it.

Consider the Design

This is also an important factor before purchasing the furniture hardware for your home. Modern furniture differs in the designs as per the taste of their designer. Some of the furniture that have modern tags might have a vintage look. So be clear about the design that will suit your home the most.

Cut Cost By Window Shopping

This is a must before you actually purchase the most coveted furniture piece. Make sure you do a window shopping of all the furniture outlets to have a feel of all the modern furniture available in the furniture hardware industry. Compare the prices of the same stuffs to make this activity cost effective. Also you can wait for the furniture shops and department stores in your area to go on sale or to put huge discounts on their furnishings before you start buying one for your very own.

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Renovate Your Bathroom in Green Way

| The word has really become quite important today in the perspective of increasing danger of global warming. We need to protect our resources and ensure that a minimum is wasted, and better if the wasted ones are recycled as well. So the entire focus is on saving the natural resources, be it the construction of your bedroom or renovation of the bathroom. Government and some private organizations like green building association are working towards it and helping residential communities, Realtors, and individuals.
Bathroom is the place of solitude where one want to feel relaxed in a healthy and hygienic environment. The bathroom remodeling may be the initial step of your home renovation. In such blue economy situation, saving money is the top priority while considering bathroom renovation. There is no greater way of adding value to your bathroom than a greener way. The most prominent benefit of green bathroom remodeling is saving of water and energy resources.

Renovation with Recycled Materials
A number of bathroom hardware made of recycled materials are becoming popular like tiles, vanities and flooring. The use of recycled fixtures like refinished counter-tops and sinks encourages green bathroom remodeling and save your valuable money as well as conserve natural resources. The old fashioned claw foot tubs are regaining its popularity and might be a good choice for you.

Reduce the Water Consumption
Minimizing the water consumption must be your top priority while planning for your bathroom renovation in an environment friendly way. It should be considered that how much water is used in your bathroom, during flushing the toilet or during shower. You can reduce your water consumption by almost 20% by switching from old traditional toilet to smaller dual-flush toilet.

Old water guzzling shower heads are the prime culprits of wasting water. Replacing them saves in water bills. Dual- flush toilets help saving the amount of green washed into the toilet. It has two flush modes, one is for number one that flushes less water compared to the number two mode. That will definitely cut down your energy bills.

Remodel with Durability
It has been found that most of the bathroom renovation does last only a few years, and most of the waste that reaches landfill sites come from home remodeling including bathroom remodeling. This kind of bathroom remodeling creates a bad impact on environment as well as on your pocket. You make ensure that your green bathroom remodeling is durable and last longer.
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Efficient Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Windows


The huge amount of money you pay for energy each year, in the scorching summer months and the freezing winter, can be reduced by using the energy efficient windows.

Your location and the design of your home plays an important role in selecting the type of energy efficient windows you want. A person living in the southern region will need different windows than someone living in the northern region as the climatic & environmental conditions are entirely different.

Design of home: The energy efficient windows, one of the important building hardwares, should be bought keeping the design of your home in mind. The direction of the windows and their size are important.

  • In heat-dominated regions, windows facing south should be glazed heavily. To make efficient use of solar heat during cold months, the windows should possess a solar heat gain coefficient of more than .6 but a U-factor of less than .35 so that heat transfer is reduced during the summer.

  • Person living in cooling-dominated regions should focus more on the north-facing windows. It should have low solar heat gain coefficient. The windows facing south should be shaded by trees and porches to minimize the intrusion of heat and sunlight. Reflective and tinted windows don't suit these climates because they reduce the SHGC and allow more heat during the spring and summer.

Windows Frame: The selection of window hardware like an appropriate frame is important.
  • Earlier aluminum frames were quite popular but they are losing their value because aluminum conducts easily than other frame materials. It lead to heat detriment in cooling dominated regions. A fiberglass or composite frame would be better option, as they can be insulated better and won't conduct as much heat from the interior to the exterior of the home.

  • The regions where temperature fluctuation is higher, wooden frames should be avoided because the material will expand and contract. Wood laminate frames is a better option and give the same aesthetic appeal.

Types of Glass: You should consider for the varieties of glasses before buying energy efficient windows. It is the main portion of your window and determines the amount of energy you conserve.

  • If your living in heating-dominated regions, glass-filled windows are the best choice because they provide more insulation and reduce the U-factor considerably. Tinted glass is also quite good and popular, but if you have a green thumb then you should not use a tint of greater than 70 percent because that can cause inside plants to die from lack of conducted sunlight.

  • Glaze glass is also a good option to consider while buying energy efficient windows. They have multiple panes of glass. Such types of glasses are best suited to cooler climate regions where heat transfer is highest and therefore heat needs to be retained. The cost of double-pane and triple-pane windows are higher than the single-pain but they last indefinitely and can significantly reduce cooling costs in the summer.

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Plumbing Hardware : Ways to Fix Simple Plumbing Problems


Most of the people living in the western countries are taking the convenience of modern plumbing technologies for granted. Be it a running tap or flushing toilet, it does not come to anyone's mind as to the changes plumbing has gone through or the history of the technology. Plumbing hardware roughly includes all those equipments that helps in the plumbing like hose fittings, pipe fittings, plumbing pipes, tube fittings and valves. Today pipes and fixtures are mostly located underground and the sewage drains and cesspools of ancient times have been almost completely eradicated and replaced. As technology continues to advance, the cleanliness and efficiency of plumbing and toilets have become more efficient and clean.

However, when at home, if some problem arises like leaking faucets, clogged drains and faulty pipes people get anxious to hunt for a plumber. Only a few realise that these petty problems can be tackled at home only and that too without the help of any plumber. Yeah its very much true. All you need is your plumbing tools and some patience ensure the blueprint for sparkling success. Routine plumbing problems in the house does not necessarily explicate harbinger of doom. Here's how you can go about conducting minor repairs yourself without disastrous results.

  1. Make sure you are equipped with all the plumbing tools before you embark upon the task of repair work. After making a bee line to the nearest plumbing supplies store, pick basic tools like an auger, a plunger, a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, pipe wrenches, slip-joint and needle nose pliers, compression nuts and rings and faucet seats.

  2. Getting familiar with the location and functioning of the shut-off valve of every fixture and main shut-off valves in the house is extremely crucial. Make sure to turn off the water supply before beginning with the repair work.

  3. If the problem is in a particular fixture, then you can close the valve of that fixture only. The valve is generally located at the beneath the fixture and you can sloe it by turning it clockwise. In case the fixture does not have a valve of its own, then close the main shut-off valve in the house.

  4. If there is a leaky faucet, then get on the root of it by taking off the faucet with a screwdriver. Then take off the screw cap that secures the stem, with an adjustable wrench. Make sure you do this with patience and precision to avoid any damage.

  5. In some of the faucets, one needs to replace the washer in order to stop the leak. While in some washer less faucets the cause of leakage can be the 'O' rings.

These are some of the most effective and workable tips that one can follow to mend small plumbing problems at home with the help of plumbing hadware, thus evading the need to call a professional plumber. These routine plumbing problems can be conducted by oneself without calamitous results. Plumbing technology is changing day by day and various equipments that can help the house maker solve it on their own, are being launched in the markets.

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Innovative Applications of LED


In the past decade, LED technology has expanded its scope to almost every household in the world. From little red spots that tells one that the wi fi connection is on, to the excellent light source that we see in our rooms just by switching on a plug, applications of LED is ubiquitous. Production quality LEDs are now capable of efficiencies of around 70 lm/W, compared with 12 lm/W for incandescent light bulbs, and single die devices are producing over 100 lm.

Today one can find the implication of these LED lights in many areas. Be it the LCD screen of the computers or the latest version of the mobile phones, be it Ipods or safety and security hardware like LED enabled drainage system or Led micro lights for reading at nights, LED technology is vast and growing by leaps and bounds. The newest trend in the electronic market is the green influence that has not left the LED world bereft. The most recent launches in the LED market are the LED Light bulbs that can help one save up to 90% of electricity costs plus reduce the heat output and even more than this the bulbs claim to last up to 10 times longer than a standard light bulb or compact florescent. Some of the most advanced LED enabled products in the electronic world are -

LED enabled Faucet Lights - Install this in your homes to give a new look to the monotonous water taps. Available in red and blue they are heat sensitive and alarm the user by changing colors, as soon as the water temperature goes above 89 degrees centigrade.

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamps - These are unique desktop tank that plays trick with the eyes by displaying three jellyfish that swim, with the aid of the 6 bright colorful LEDS that are placed at the top of the tank.

Sony's Walkman - Sony, the largest supplier of electronic goods has launched a new Walkman called NWZ-X1000 that features an OLED (Organic light emitting diode) touchscreen.

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Apple's DRM-free tunes - Singing A New Melody


Apple, who is renowned over the world for its launches in technological segment, has yet again buzzed the world by making the much awaited provisions for higher quality DRM free music. Apple has finally cut the deals that will aid the iTunes to offer a large number of songs and that too, free of copy protection software from three music labels. In addition, Apple has also come on terms of being more flexible as far as pricing is concerned. This deal also encloses the terms related to the song prices. It has been decided that the price of the song will be broken down in three categories, that is older songs from the catalog, mid line songs (newer songs that aren't big hits), and current hits. Though on speculation earlier, Apple has confirmed the acceptance of this deal at the Macworld.

DRM (Digital Tights Management) free songs were the demand that was being pestered upon the company by many iPhone users. DRM is considered to be one of the most reviled technologies of all time and although the launch of the software at US largest music store did create some ripple but it soon died down due to the increased prices of the hit songs. Though initially the company was not in the favor of bringing down the price, it now has done so. The price of catalog music is falling to 79 cents per song though some hit songs are priced at 99 cents. This approach of Apple has won many accolades by their fans.

To give it another favorable dimension, Apple has also offered songs that are free of digital rights, and that too even for one whole year. To further expand iTunes DRM free library Apple has sought new deals that include three major labels namely Sonly BMG, Universal and Warner Music. Along with this, Apple has also come to agreement with music labels on the issue of over-the-air downloads that are aimed to allow iPhone users to download any song on their mobiles sets only via cell networks. In short, this term will enable the iPhone owners to download music without using the Wi Fi system. This announcement was made public at the Macworld Conference and Expo that was held in San Francisco on January 6th 2009.

The company ensures the users, that not only will new music downloads be free of copy-protection software, but Apple and the labels will begin removing DRM from music that are already available in the iTunes Stores. However, the fate of the songs that have already been purchased is still dubious.

Further than this now, listeners can choose from millions of iTunes Plus songs from all major music labels and thousands of independents and that too all free of burn limits and digital rights management (DRM). This means that from now on iTune Plus music will play on iPod, Apple TV, all Mac and Windows computers, and many other digital music players. It is also easy to upgrade and one need not buy the song or album again.
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Add Magical Lights To Your Monotonous Faucet & Sink


Adding a little color to the somber white bathroom can be an interesting way to change the monotonous look of your house. In order to make the midnight appointment with your bathroom, much more exhilarating, install the LED faucet light attachment, the recent launch in the faucet, tapes and mixers hardware industry. This is the most simple method to turn every normal looking faucet in your home in to a radium looking fantasy, indeed like some party going on in the sink.

This LED faucet claims to add aesthetic beauty to any sink and gets activated by water pressure and turns off automatically as well. Along with this, there is a temperature controlling light alert that will automatically turn red from blue, as soon as the temperature of the water soars higher than 89 degrees centigrade. Thus, this device is best for children as it works as a warning sign. This faucet light is designed in a manner to fit on the nozzle of most of the standard faucet fittings (both in US and UK). This device works by sleuthing as soon as the water passes through the attachment and then turns on the flood of blue LED lights that make the water look radium blue.

It is an easy to install light that runs on 3 AG13 batteries. All you need to do is just attach it to the end of your faucet and let the magical lights make your sink shine and shimmer with blue. Working on the same methodology is the LED shower light that is also sensitive to temperature. The normal height of the faucet is 1.5” diameter while it comes in a size of 2.25”. While bathing or when the shower is on, as soon as the water temperature reaches up to 89 degree, the blue water turns into a metallic red.

Some of the main features that make this building hardware product worth buying are listed as follows -
  1. Water pressure activation is all that is required to make this light source work.

  2. Has a temperature controlling alarm that makes the light turns red as soon as the temperature ascends higher than 89 degrees centigrade.

  3. The faucet turns off automatically when the flow of water is turned off.

  4. Long lasting bright Blue and Red LEDs.

  5. It works on 3 AG13 batteries.

  6. Universal adapter (that is included with the faucet) fits on most water faucets conveniently.

  7. About 2.25" in size and 1.5” long in diameter .

  8. Can be installed in less than a few minutes and that too without the help of a professional.
These unique counterparts of the building hardware industry help in making a bathroom unique by putting a light show in the sink, and with this even the kids will find the act of washing their hands, great fun. Besides, these faucets can also have a perfect effect when you are planning to turn your house in a nightclub for a party. This is an exceptional product in the faucet hardware market that is sure to impress all the house members and even the guests who visit your washroom. Do not miss it if you want your house to be bedecked with some unique buzzing features.

=> Faucet LED Light- Changed colour with water temperature
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Concrete Fasteners – Types and Uses


Construction and mechanical hardware essentially includes all the construction tools and mechanical accessories that are involved in various construction engineering applications. Besides knowing about all the mechanical and construction hardware products like transmission chains, bearings and couplings it is also important to have an idea about their applications and use. In this article lets throw some light on an important aspect of construction hardware, that is anchor concrete fasteners.

To begin concrete fasteners are used to join wood and metal to concrete. A variety of options of concrete fasteners that are designed for specific use are available. Following is the guide that will tell you all about the fasteners and will also extend help in making you find the perfect concrete fasteners for your next home improvement.

Plastic Type Fasteners
A plastic fastener is perhaps the most commonly used fasteners in the construction and mechanical industry. They are ideal for holding weight less than 50 pounds and show best results when accomplice with concrete, mortar, brick, and stone. However, one should be cautious while using these fastener in too soft concrete, as the plastic anchors might break free while turning the screw with great force.

Metal Shield Fastener
This is also a popular choice for mechanical and construction applications that uses soft materials like mortar and brick. Also referred as soft metal shield anchors, these fasteners have a shortcoming of being subject to easy stripping in case when too much force is applied on the wench.

Hammer Set Fastener
The hammer set segment of concrete fasteners are easy to install and are also hassle free as no washers and nuts are required to place it. Drilling the hole a little deeper and hammering the fastener is all one needs to indulge in. This is becoming a popular choice for construction and mechanical hardware among manufactures, suppliers as well as buyers. The only disadvantage of this fastener is that while removing the fastener, the wall gets damaged.

Sleeve Type Fastener
Known as sleeve anchors, these fasteners are best for holding a weight up to 200 pounds. Availability of different sizes also acts instrumental for this fastener in the construction hardware market. To install this, one needs to just pinch the side of the hole and screw it. However one needs to be cautious while screwing it as over tightening these concrete fasteners can break it around the hole.

Screws Type Fasteners
The fifth type in the segment of concrete fastener is screw fastener that are commonly used to attach windows, doors and even electrical boxes. The only requisite of installing these fasteners is the screw driver. They are the most popular fasteners as they can be removed and screwed back easily.

There are various options of mechanical fasteners available in the hardware market. Some of the other popular version of concrete fasteners are lag shields and screws that are best used in masonary wall materials. The toggle bolts are suitable for light and medium load and even hollow masonry. Choose from a wide array of construction fasteners that will surely keep your houses intact.
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Hardware Round Up : Hottest Gadgets of 2008


Hardware gadgets seem to have ruled the charts of success this year. Various innovative gadgets that were developed after intricate research and bountiful experiments were launched this year. Following is the list of a few coolest gadgets that had the hardware world soaring hot.

Radio Controlled Motorized Drink Cooler The is the best if you want to gain attention during a party or even a football game for that matter. It is a unique concept which is a radio controlled motorized cooler that a person can operate around the room using a simple transmitter. This cooler has the capacity to hold a dozen cans and bottles including the ice. It has the attribute of expanding and contracting, hence making it easier to transport as well. This cooler is battery powered remote runs on a standard 9-volt battery. This can move up at a distance of 30 feet, thus making it easier for the host to send around the drink using a motor rather that physical labour.

Magnetic Tool Band for Arm – One of the major concerns, that involves keeping track of all the tools while working under a car, of automobile manufactures have been sorted. Thanks to the magnetic arm band for tools that lets a person keep hardware like drill bits, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, pliers and even hammers, close to arms. The secret for the success of this hardware tool is the magnetic arm band that is engineered using heavy duty PVC coated poly-knit fabric and is secured using hook and loop straps.

LED Headlights for Dogs – This product is aimed at becoming extremely popular in countries all over the world. This is primarily an adjustable collar which can fit any dog with the easy-to-use clip-fasteners. Three powerful AAA batteries are installed to light the three LED lights that will not only help the dog but the owner as well to keep track at the night. Costing just $20, this is an interesting buy.

Hot Stop Shower Head This is one of the highly advanced product in the bathroom hardware segment. Basically this is a valve this is a temperature sensing valve that shuts off the water 117º F and above to prevent burning-hot accidents.

Zip Sander Among the mechanical hardware, one of the most raging product is the Zip Sander which is lightweight foam block that is contoured to fit in ones hand and equipped with a hook-and-loop bottom surface which help in the easier attaching and removing of abrasive sheets.

Gorilla Wood Glue The Gorilla Glue, a perfect launch in the lubrication hardware market is an emulsion of cross-linked polyvinyl acetate (PVA) molecules that are suspended in water. The main advantage of this wood glue is that is designed to better resist moisture, cold temperatures and even short clamp times. The fact that it facilitates short clamp times, makes this product a hit among the amateurs as well.

Bosch Rotary Hammer This is a hammer drill on steroids that is designed to bore in wood by virtue of a switch. This inexpensive product works on with an easily detachable dust extractor and has two drilling modes. Just by pressing a switch one can toggle between the drilling modes.
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