Biometric Door Locks: Secure, Reliable, Comfy


Gone are the days of carrying bunch of keys for opening doors. Gone are the days of keeping separate keys for separate locks. Now you would be able to unlock all the doors and cases without the help of any key. The idea is not new and has been in use for quite some time but slowly and steadily it is becoming popular and coming in people's eye. Right! We are talking about biometric door locks.

Biometric locks provide an entirely new level of interface with extreme ease & security. The most noticeable benefit is getting rid of carrying cumbersome keys. It also mitigates a range of problems associated with PIN, standard key, RFID, magnetic stripe cards, etc., while providing new levels of ease. Biometric door locks identify the authorized people on the basis of their biometric properties, already fed earlier into the system. The unique biometric characteristics of individuals allow only correct users to enter the system.

For quite some time the use of biometric access systems, particularly biometric door locks have been plagued by two flaws. First one has been the high cost of these devices in order to achieve accurate performance that put them out of the general consumer range. The second problem has been the visual design characteristics. But in recent years biometric device manufacturers have been able to sort out both these flaws. You can now find a range of biometric access devices in the market at an affordable rate.

Types of Biometric Technology
A number of identification technologies have been used by the biometric door locks manufacturers, such as fingerprint recognition technology, face recognition technology, voice recognition technology, iris recognition technology, etc. Each of these technologies work on some type of unique and individual biometric properties that we inherit. In this way one can't copy or duplicate one's unique identification like the password and access card, ultimately enhancing the security.

Unlocking Doors with Eyes
Now open doors with your eyes! You might have seen it many times in sci-fi movies. But the fiction has been changed to reality. Researchers from Queensland University of Technology's faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, has achieved sorting out one of the final obstacles to the everyday application of iris scanning technology. Already being used, this technology will become the part of our daily life in coming decade.

Like fingerprint every individual iris is unique and even the iris pattern of the left and right eye of the same person differs from each other. The iris pattern is fixed throughout a person's lifetime. Iris recognition confirms the identity of a person based on who the person is instead of what the person possesses, such as an ID card or password.
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Wall Sconces – A Descriptive Guide


Home lighting is an important part of interior décor and one can use different forms of lighting fixtures for that purpose, such as fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, emergency lights, can lights and wall sconces.

Wall sconces are an excellent way to add life to the boring walls of your home. Wall sconces are lighting that are usually mounted above the eye level on a wall to provide either directional or indirect lighting on or beside a wall in your home.
  • Wall sconces are also used to light areas like a shelf, end table, desk, etc.
  • They can also be used to accent a wall or possibly a picture hanging on the wall.
  • It can be used to create a focal point around an artwork or a fireplace.
  • You can also light up the darker side of your room with wall sconces.
  • They are a great accent lighting option for any room in the home.

Where to put up wall sconces?
Wall sconces are for every corner of your home, from bedroom to bathroom, hallways to living room. They are of great help whether you are doing stylist improvements or just doing remodeling of your home. In the following section we will tell you the right places to put up the wall sconces.

Your bathroom needs adequate lighting and wall sconces can add more light to the fixtures like wall mirror. Halogen lights give superior lighting so they are preferred but they cost you much on electricity bill so its totally your choice.

You can add an extra touch to the dining area with wall sconces. Other lighting fixtures in the dining table form shadows in the outer edges. Wall sconces offer the correct amount of understated light to walls in your dining room. They make the entire room appear cozy instead of dark and dingy on the edges.

Single bulb/ Multiple bulb
Single bulb wall sconces are preferred in bedroom, small living room or dining room. They create a cozy reading spot alongside your chair and provide that much of light required. You can put up a single bulb wall sconce in your bedroom on either side of bed. That would make the side table free and add soft convenient lighting. Multi bulb wall sconces are more suited to larger areas like hallways or drawing room, which need more lighting. Hallways are the perfect place for two bulb wall sconces placed at each two feet giving dim light with added sophistication and interest.

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