Eco-label cleaning products - a breakthrough for the UK's cleaning industry

Clean and green Cleaning products,whether used in a washing machine, a mop bucket or the kitchen sink, all contain cleaning agents that help to strip away grime. After flushed down the drain, many detergents cause undue harm to nature. By contrast, cleaning products with the Eco-label do the same job while causing minimal environmental harm.

Eco Cleaning Products Advantage:
  • guarantee effectiveness — the products are tested by independent laboratories for quality;

  • are labelled with clear guidelines for safe,effective and efficient use; and

  • contain fewer hazardous chemicals.

By following the Eco-label range, you get products that tread gently on the environment throughout their life cycle, from the creation of the chemicals themselves, to their packaging, to their disposal . Simply said, Eco-labelled cleaning products are better by nature.

The Eco-label cleaning supplies range represents a breakthrough for the UK's cleaning industry and will help to address the increasing problem of toxic chemicals entering the ecosystem from the cleaning industry.

The range which boasts several unique products, including a multipurpose detergent, glass cleaner, cleaning chemicals, and handwash/ hand cleaners will appeal to companies, contractors and distributors who are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of cleaning regimes.

The eco-label is recognised throughout Europe as a top-level award scheme for products that provide first class performance with minimal environmental impact.

Detergents and cleaning products that carry the eco-label flower icon achieve high levels of biodegradability and are independently certified to prove they are greener, yet still perform as well as other leading brands.

The hope is “that now there would be more companies within the cleaning industry taking steps to address their notorious environmental impact."

The green ecolabel products are colloid cleaners, based on micelle technology.
Colloid cleaners use electrically charged micelle molecule structures to separate and trap dirt, lifting it from the surface to which it adhered without the ability to redeposit.

The range of products is compliant with both current and future legislation, including the European Biocidal Products Directive which will come into effect under the REACH Directive to ensure that a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment is provided.

To ensure demand for the eco-label range of products is met, the companies should actively seek distribution partners on a national level.

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