Eco Safe “Green” Adhesives

Eco Safe “Green” Adhesives
Green adhesives are the new innovation commonly used now a days and adhesives or glue is the latest product to go green. Green adhesive can be defined as adhesives manufactured from sustainable raw materials or through an environment-friendly process. The green adhesives have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission.

Green is the practice of increasing the efficiency of the product with use of different resources like energy, water and materials. The use of eco friendly resources reduces the impact on human health and the environment. A step towards green has become a way of life across all the business spectra.

Some Advantages Of Greener Adhesives Are

Almost no left over waste material, you use all the adhesive and have no disposal costs -all that's left of the cartridge is a recyclable aluminum disk.

  • Green Adhesives improves the public and occupant health standards.

  • Another popular option is water-based adhesives. High performance water-based glues and adhesives are available and offer many advantages.

Problem Faced In Adhesives

Volatile organic compound (VOC) comes from different sources like raw materials, energy emission and harmful substances. VOC's are the ones which have high vapor pressure and low water solubility. VOC's are known to cause sensory irritation and central nervous system symptoms.

From a decade adhesive products are used for making wood products, such as plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. These adhesives contains cancer causing-chemicals, such as phenol–formaldehyde and urea–formaldehyde resins which is very hazardous for the environment and for health. But in 2006, the new adhesive policy was adopted by industry and replaced more than 47 million pounds of conventional formaldehyde-based adhesives.

Future Trends in Green Adhesives

As per the survey: The future technology advancement in adhesive will prove that both synthetic and natural resources have to deliver comparable performance characteristics. Durability and performance are the important characteristics in the manufacturing of adhesives in the hardware supplies industry.

At times it becomes difficult for the green adhesives to meet the requirements of the customers. Process requirements, specific application, environmental resistance, unique substrates, product economics are some of the challenges faced by the adhesive manufacturers. Customers and adhesive suppliers should work together closely to come up with high performance greener products.

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