Wi Fi- Range of Smoke Alarms - Ultimate in Home Safety


Installation of smoke alarm is an important undertaking in order to alert the danger of fire in homes. The wi- safe range of smoke alarm helps a person wake up when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered anywhere in the house. It has the capability to convert into a torch to aid escape. The loud alarm indicator and high quality ionisation sensor make this life saving device a complete success.

UK's leading force Fire Angel has introduced a unique range wi fi warning handsets to meet specific needs for both visually challenged and hearing impaired, called as new flashing strobe and vibrating pad. They are battery operated smoke alarms and have proven ultimate in early warnings. This sound alarm comes with two flashing strobes and a vibrating pillow pad that connects to the adapted smoke alarm. The vibrating pillow pad is placed under the pillow of the impaired and is designed to vibrate as soon as the smoke detector perceives something.

The wi-safe alarms from Fire Angel incorporate wire free technology with unique code encryption enabling signals from remote alarms to activate the handset. The battery operated smoke alarms are easy to install and initiate quick warnings to check the house for potential fire jeopardy. In case of power failure, the battery back will ensure the alarm to keep working non stop for 6 weeks.

Fire Angel ensures superb product quality backed by technical and manufacturing excellence. Tested under extreme conditions, these wi-safe range of smoke alarms are certified as per the latest European standards.

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For video product demonstration about the FireAngel Wi-Safe system, describing how it would wake you and your nearest and dearest in the event of fire or carbon monoxide in the home, giving you precious extra minutes to escape.

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